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Braces are dental devices that are used to correct misaligned teeth, treat crowding, gaps, and other flaws. Traditionally, metal arches, brackets, and elastics were placed on the teeth to provide the necessary pressure. Damon braces take a completely different approach: they are self-binding or self-ligating braces. Traditional metal braces are fixed to teeth and then they are adjusted by an orthodontist, but the self-binding braces have specialty doors and slides that work

Orthodontic treatment depends on each patient’s particular case, and typically takes between one to three years to complete. The following infographic will show you six basic steps of having orthodontic treatment. Your dental team or orthodontist will be able to give you advice about your brace and teeth. If you don’t do what they say, the brace can take longer to work and the treatment may be unsuccessful. If your brace

Thumb sucking is something every parent is acutely aware of – almost all children suck their thumbs at one time or another. In fact, it’s a completely natural phenomena that seems to be somewhat hardwired into an infant’s brain (babies have even been observed sucking thumbs in the womb.)  But why sucking? Well, early in their lives, babies need to suck to feed, whether from a nipple or from a bottle.

What is an open bite? When most people say “open bite,” they’re referring to an anterior open bite. People who have an anterior open bite have front upper and lower teeth that slant outward so they don’t touch when the mouth is shut. If you have a posterior open bite, your back teeth don’t touch when your mouth is closed.   An open bite is a type of malocclusion, which means the teeth aren’t aligned properly

Dental technology has brought us to an exciting time with regards to dental braces. There are many types of braces from metal braces to ceramic braces, from tooth-colored braces to clear braces. It’s no longer a stage that is feared by teens everywhere. Many teens almost look forward to getting braces because it signifies a right-of-passage and shows that they’re not a kid anymore. Review the various types of braces below and fill out