As soon as I walked into the door, they welcomed me, I felt safe and comfortable being here. I was totally overwhelmed by the whole experience. It was actually actually a pleasure coming to the dentist.

I felt actually quite emotional because I have got my beautiful smile back. I am really thankful.

That was an amazing experience and I highly recommended it.

I'm one very happy and very grateful women after meeting the dentists and staff of this wonderful and caring team at serenity in Ho Chi Minh City.
They have given me my "Happy Smile", back after many years of hating my old and very and well worn teeth.
Wonderful and extremely caring dentists and staff. I highly recommend you go to Vietnam to get your confident smile back.

The care at Serenity is top class. From the minute you walk in and are greeted pleasantly and politely it feels like you are in the hands of professionals.
I had an excellent teeth clean and 2 crowns. A lot of care was taken to make sure they fitted perfectly and I am very happy with the outcome. They feel like my old teeth only better!!
Everything is clean and hygienic.
I would recommend Serenity without hesitation!

This has to be the most amazing day of my life to date.
After 5hrs in the chair an sitting through a full clean, dental repairs to damaged teeth due to my 28 years of living, full teeth polishing, shaping an sitting through 4 rounds of 30 minute laser whitening they have turned from normal teeth into perfect gloss white even teeth.
I don't even need veneers like i thought, I've finally got a great smile i haven't ever felt so happy befor. Thank you serenity international dental clinic you have truly made a day i will never ever forget ❤

A brand new dental clinic with all the best equipment. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. They work really hard to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed during whatever procedure they are performing. They even have slippers for us foreigners with big feet.

Clean and hygienic with friendly, fast service. Reasonably priced as well.

Excellent Dental Clinic with good staff speaking English.

Briliant care. Staff were so friendly,
Warm and honest. Explained in detail of procedure and status of my teeth at each visit.Very proffestional. During and after dental procedure, nurse even gives you a massage around the neck! Joined the staff for Yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Amazing Value.
From now on it will be my only dentist (for any major work that needs doing) I will be visiting. Thankyou Serenity.

Few weeks ago I have been in Hanoi and fell in love. During one evening I broke one of my back teeth. I checked the Internet for a good dental clinic. I found this one and wrote an email. At the next morning I got an answer with an appointment at same day.
I was a little bit skeptical - Is it good to go to the dental clinic in Vietnam? Maybe they don't have the same standard like in western countries.
Finally I was really surprised about the good organisation, the high standards and the doctors. Everybody spoke english and the doctors really well. Now my treatment is two month ago and I'm really satisfied. I had absolutely no problems or pain during the treatment until now.
I can recommend this dental clinic !!!

I can't say enough about the amazing staff at Serenity International Dental Clinic and the quality of the work I received was first class.
From the minute my sisters and I arrived at Serenity Dental we were treated like royalty! I had been in touch with Albert for a while prior to choosing Serenity as our dentist in Hanoi, we were very impressed with the cleanliness and efficiency of how this clinic is run. My sister is a long time dental nurse and she couldn't fault any of the clinic or the work. I had extensive work done, 19 crowns, root canal, fillings and a partial plate with 4 teeth on. My sisters also had quite a bit of work done so we spent a lot of time at the dentist!! I recommend any one to use Serenity the price is amazing compared to Australia, you feel part of the family while you are going through what is usually a traumatic experience for most, I felt NO pain at all during my treatment.
I now have an amazing smile and feel proud to use it. Thank you so much to Albert for being so amazing and kind and to Emily (my dentist) for her gentleness, and to Leo for her beautiful warm smile everyday at the front desk.
I hope to return with my husband so he too can get a beautiful smile. Thanks again guys Kind Regards Diann Gold Coast Australia.