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Planning Your Wedding Day Smile – Smile Makeover

One tradition that has become universal in many cultures is photographing the event for the express purpose of recording forever the magic of a wedding day. Whether bride or groom, you’ll want to look your best and in the midst of all the preparations and the stress involved, you’ll want to consider planning to look […]

The Complete Guide To Cosmetic Dentistry

Behind the gleaming smiles of our favorite celebrities lies a secret. Rather than splashing out on face lifts, boob jobs or stomach tucks, stars including actress Martine McCutcheon, newsreader Kirsty Young and designer Amanda Wakeley, have opted for something far more simple – the perfect smile. Cosmetic dentistry is all the rage in America where it’s […]

Top 10 Must Visit Attractions In Hanoi

The most historic pagoda in all of Hanoi, Tran Quoc is the foremost symbol of Buddhism in the country. The landmark’s origins date back some 1,500 years, although over time it has undergone changes in appearance and location. Address: Thanh Niên, Trúc Bạch, Ba Đình, Hà Nội Opening times: Mon – Sat: 07:00-11:30 and 13:10 […]

Receding Gums Treatment

Treatment for receding gums, one of the first symptoms of gum disease, varies from non-surgical solutions to a variety of surgery procedures. Healthy gums are the Skin of Your Teeth. Receding gums treatment restores healthy gums and helps prevent more serious forms of gum disease that can lead to tooth loss and other health problems. […]

Prevention Of Gum Disease

You can prevent gum disease by controlling the amount of plaque and tartar that builds up on your teeth. Regular visits to your dentist or hygienist, brushing and flossing your teeth properly and stopping smoking will help to do this. Dental floss or inter-dental brushes can remove plaque and small bits of food from between […]

Receding Gums Symptoms And Causes

Receding gums are a symptom of gum disease (periodontal disease). The gum line begins to pull away from the teeth, exposing more of each tooth. Untreated, receding gums will eventually expose the roots of your teeth and lead to tooth loss and other serious periodontal problems. Your gums are the Skin of Your Teeth. With […]

Treatment Of Gum Disease

The type of treatment you have will depend on how severe your gum disease has become. Your dentist may refer you for treatment with a dental hygienist – a health professional who specialises in the prevention and treatment of dental conditions such as periodontal disease. If you have severe gum disease, your dentist may refer […]

Symptoms Of Gum Disease

The early-warning symptoms of gum disease (periodontal disease), such as gingivitis, alert you to act quickly to prevent the pain and expense of more advanced problems. Gingivitis, or inflammation of the gums, is the mildest form of gum disease and exhibits these symptoms: Red, swollen and tender gums Gums that bleed when you brush or […]

Gum Disease

There are three main types of gum disease: gingivitis, periodontitis and acute necrotising ulcerative gingivitis (ANUG). Gum disease is very common – gingivitis, the early form affects more than half of adults worldwide. It can be treated by a dentist or hygienist and in the early stages the effects can be reversed. Gingivitis If you […]

Top 10 Things To Do In Vietnam

Vietnam offers adventure at every turn. Here are our favorite things to do in Vietnam, ranging from the dazzling Halong Bay, vibrant cities Hoi An, Hue and Ho Chi Minh City, the rural north and beyond… HA LONG BAY Ha Long Bay, in northern Vietnam near the Chinese border is one of the world’s natural […]