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TOP 8 Places To Go Outside Of Hanoi

Hanoi, one of the most beautiful of the colonial Indochinese cities, is often the start or end point of a trip to Vietnam, and what a great welcome or farewell it is. However with a population of 7 millions people, sometimes you might find it hard to have a quite place. This article lists top 8 most recommended places to visit if you would like get out of Hanoi for a few days.halong bay

Imagine 2000 or more islands rising from the emerald waters of the Gulf of Tonkin and you have a vision of breathtaking beauty. Halong translates as ‘where the dragon descends into the sea’, and legend claims the islands of Halong Bay were created by a great dragon from the mountains. As it charged towards the coast, its flailing tail gouged out valleys and crevasses. When it finally plunged into the sea, the area filled with water, leaving only the pinnacles visible.

Distance from Hanoi: 150 kilometers

Transportation option: car, express bus, motorbikesapa

Sapa ranks along Ha Long Bay and Hoi An in terms of attracting tourists solely on the merit of its natural beauty and surrounding attractions. It’s particularly rich in opportunities for treks, homestays and (on clear days) the kinds of panoramic views that leave travel writers searching for fresh adjectives and a larger camera memory card.

Distance from Hanoi: 320 kilometers

Transportation option: train, car, express bus, motorbikeninh binh

Ninh Binh is an outstanding destination with stunning karst landscapes of the Tam Coc valley and Cuc Phuong National Park. The areas is also known as the “Inland Ha Long” and Trang An sites. Escape the stresses of the city for a couple of days into an area that compliments a mix of adventure and relaxation. This trip is perfect for all types of travelers including families and groups. The bikes are fully ridged standard bikes for ease of travel. Fully supported by a van covering a distance of 60 km. The trip is very flexible if you fell like covering more or less distance by bike

Distance from Hanoi: 110 kilometers

Transportation option: car, express bus, motorbikemai chau

Mai Chau valley is a perfect place to experience Vietnam’s village life in a remote setting. Mountain bikers will love this trip for the variety of trails – from good single track paths, undulating rough jeep trails to some climbs that are rewarded with ultimate descents.

Distance from Hanoi: 150 kilometers

Transportation option: car, express bus, motorbiketam dao

At 80 kilometres northwest of Hanoi, Tam Dao hill station makes for a good overnight or one-day respite from the chaos of the Vietnamese capital. You can get to the cooler area, where there are plenty of hiking trails and pretty scenery, by bus, motorbike, taxi or private car; here’s a little about how to do each.

Distance from Hanoi: 80 kilometers

Transportation option: car, express bus, motorbikeba vi national park

The three peaks of the magnificent Ba Vi Mountain, only 60 km from Hanoi, offer spectacular views of the Red River Delta. The primeval rain forest of Ba Vi National Park boasts a wide range of flora and fauna. This is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi and is easily accessible.

Distance from Hanoi: 60 kilometers

Transportation option: car, express bus, motorbikethung nai hoa binh

Located on a section of the Da River in Cao Phong District in the northern province of Hoa Binh, Thung Nai, with its hundreds of islands and a large number of Muong ethnic people living in the region, can enchant anyone who sets foot into the land.

Distance from Hanoi: 110 kilometers

Transportation option: car, express bus, motorbikeperfume pagoda

The Perfume Pagoda, named after the spring blossoms that scent the air, occupies a spectacular grotto and is the final destination of a walk up the 50-metre mountain that takes up to two hours. The start of the journey is the most appealing: a tranquil hour’s sampan ride up a silent valley, past Den Trinh, a 17th-century temple, to a stone-flagged path shaded by frangipani trees leading to the 17th-century Chua Thien Chu pavilion in front of which stands a magnificent, triple-roofed bell pavilion, dedicated to Quan Am, the goddess of Mercy. To the right of the pagoda as you face it, a roughly paved path leads steeply uphill to the Perfume Pagoda, also dedicated to Quan Am.

Distance from Hanoi: 60 kilometers

Transportation option: car, express bus, motorbike