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Laser Teeth Whitening Cost In Vietnam

Vietnam is becoming one of the most popular and affordable travel destination in Southeast Asia – for good reason. Unique blend of ancient Chinese and French culture influences, friendly local, accessible, and world class dental care can be found.

Everyone knows that Vietnam is an highly affordable travel destination, and the dental care is no exception. You can pay Vietnam prices for the same quality of care as you would receive at home; typically at savings of 70%. For example, the average cost of one session laser teeth whitening is $650 in Australia, and the same exact treatment will cost only $250 at Serenity International Dental Clinic – the best dental clinic in Vietnam as rated by a number of third-party review sites.

Professional Laser Teeth Whitening – Step by Step Guide at Serenity International Dental Center

  • We determine and record the pre-operative shade using a shade guide and take records by taking photographs.
  • We give the teeth a polish with a flour based pumice, then we rinse and suction.
  • We place cheek retractors to help keep the lips and cheeks away.
  • We dry the teeth and apply a Gingival Barrier to both the upper and lower teeth along the gum line to isolate and protect the gums and keep them clean. We sometimes may place extra isolation using cotton rolls under the top and bottom lip and in the sulcus area.
  • We use a special curing light in a fanning motion for 10-20 seconds until the Gingival Barrier is set and hardened.
  • We apply the Zoom! laser whitening gel onto the front 10-12 teeth, and spread it out evenly with a small brush
  • We turn on the Zoom! laser Whitening Light to optimize and activate the gel.
  • We leave the gel on for a minimum of 8 minutes. If required, we may leave the gel on for up to 15 mins per application to optimise results.
  • After the 8-15minutes, we remove the gel with gauze and cotton rolls
  • We repeat steps 7-9 three to four times to assist reaching a desired result for teeth whitening.
  • After the last application, we suction and wash the gel off. And we remove cotton rolls, gauze, gingival barrier
  • We take final photos and record the final shade
  • Teeth are looking whiter, brighter and amazing!