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How Long It Will Take To Whiten Teeth

For busy people, teeth whitening can seem an off-putting process because of how long it is perceived to take. The length of the process is often the first consideration of someone who wants their teeth whitened.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ response to this question. The length of the teeth whitening process is usually dependent on the condition of your teeth (mainly, how discoloured they currently are), and the specific type of whitening treatment you want.

However, approximate timings can be estimated for the overall process. Here’s a glimpse at how teeth whitening works, a few different techniques that can be used to whiten teeth, and an overview of how long whitening your teeth could take.

How teeth whitening works

To whiten teeth, chemicals are used to infiltrate a tooth’s enamel. In most professional bleaching sessions, you’ll have an imprint of your teeth taken and created into a mould. Then, the whitening substance will be placed into the mould, and used to cover all areas of your teeth to whiten them without affecting your gums. The active ingredient in the whitening treatment is designed to break down and deliver oxygen into the tooth enamel, thus lightening the tooth’s colour.

How long does it take to whiten your teeth?

Professional teeth whitening treatment can take between three and four weeks. This time accounts for creating your unique fitted mouthguard, applying the whitening product over a few weeks, and returning to the dentist office for a follow up check-in.

Different techniques of teeth whitening

Depending on your budget and the time you have for treatment, there are a few different teeth whitening techniques on offer. The above process is the most common, and can be referred to as ‘tray bleaching’. Other techniques include at-home whitening strips, specialised whitening toothpaste, or laser teeth bleaching. Though they are available in most supermarkets or pharmacies, strips and toothpastes are generally known to take a little longer to bring you results – but they are a little more affordable than more professional teeth whitening services.


If you’re eager for an efficient, easy and effective option, at Serenity International Dental Center, we offer a Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed teeth whitening service. This simple procedure uses light-activated technology to brighten teeth in just one session. This procedure works by applying teeth whitening treatment to your teeth, and then casting an LED light onto your treatment.

As with general teeth whitening services, you’ll leave with aftercare instructions to ensure your whitening treatment lasts.


Get a bright white smile with Serenity International Dental Center

Why wait to achieve the flawless, whitened smile of your dreams? At Serenity International Dental Center, our passion is making high quality dental care accessible. Our highly trained team provide affordable and effective cosmetic teeth whitening services to ensure your smile is in tip top shape. Book a teeth whitening consultation at Serenity International Dental Center to create your most bright and brilliant smile.