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Ho Chi Minh Dentist Recommend The Top 8 Oral Care Tips

Oral care has been one of those topics which has often been neglected. We eat food and consume drinks which deteriorates our oral health and also overall health. However, one should be aware that following proper oral care is no rocket science. It is really simple and something that we can easily do at home. 

Today, Dr. Ho Viet, our principal dentist in Ho Chi Minh City branch will share with you the top 8 oral care tips to help you maintain an outstanding hygiene.Proper Brushing

This is the easiest oral care technique and we do it daily. But the fact is that we do it incorrectly. You should know that when brushing your teeth your toothbrush should be inclined at an angle of 45 deg and should be near the gum line. Moreover, you should start with the inner teeth and then move to the outer ones. Similarly, you should start from the top teeth and move to the bottom.

The movement should be back and forth followed by up and down. It has always been advised that you should be brushing twice a day as it avoid any acid buildup and plaque formation.Use Mouthwash

After brushing and flossing it you are using mouthwash then you are doing justice with your oral care. Mouthwash not only kills germs and bacteria but also help in giving you fresh breath.Clean your tongue

It is important that you clean your tongue on a daily basis. Whatever you eat at night gets accumulated not only on your teeth but also on your tongue which leads to foul smell from your mouth. Brushing your teeth will help you get rid of any deposits from there.Floss daily

This oral care technique is known to increases your life span by 4.5 years.

Yes it true.

The reason is that it helps in removing the hidden food particle which will cause plaque. Now once the plaque is not formed the chances you getting a heart attack reduces to minimum. Hence flossing helps in increasing the life span. Flossing reaches to places where your brush cannot enter. So it is highly recommended that you should floss at least once a day.Avoid Chewing Tobacco and Smoking

This will not only help your teeth but also your lungs and overall health. No matter what steps you take for your oral care this will counter all of them. Smoking will cause the biggest dental problem called as periodontal disease. You will be at the risk of losing your teeth.

Moreover, smoking and tobacco helps in bad breath.Limit the consumption of soda and soft drinks

Beverages are said to contain phosphorus which is required for healthy mouth. But consuming excess of it hampers the teeth. It will affect the calcium layer which will eventually impact the enamel. Once the enamel gets affected it will lead to tooth decay and gum diseases.Eat food which consists of calcium

Another important step for proper oral care is consuming calcium rich products. Calcium is damn important for teeth. Not just teeth but also for bones. Hence you should make sure that you are drinking a glass of milk or orange juice on a daily basis. You can also consume yogurt, broccoli, cheese, and other dairy products. You can also take a calcium supplement, taking different doses according to your age and necessity as per prescription. Calcium and Vitamin D are necessary for maintaining the health of gums and teeth.See your dentist regularly

You just cannot afford to miss out on this. This is really important to understand every bit of detail about your teeth. After brushing and flossing this oral care technique never fails. Visiting your dentist twice a year will ensure that you are not suffering from any dental problem and if at all there is any possibility of dental problem then it can be detected at an early stage.

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