Reviews from our patients

  • Absolutely wonderful and I mean wonderful! Treatment was professional and they worked to my timetable, adjusting appointments to fit in with my travel holiday. People were polite and warm and I am really pleased with results. Also the Asian dentist had small fingers, which I really appreciated! I will be back for implants!!!

  • I had two wisdom teeth out and a root canal treatment. Overall, I am very pleased with the treatment - the dentists are professional, friendly and flexible and the price was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend this dentist.

  • I went here to have my teeth cleaned but mainly I wanted to check out the facility since I knew I'd be needing some crowns replaced in the near future. I was impressed. The facility was sparkling clean and the equipment was very modern. The dentist (and manager?) both spoke perfect English and were very professional. I had had a crown replaced at another well known clinic in Hanoi only two months earlier and the dentist pointed out that the new crown was cracked. The quote for a replacement was lower than what I had originally paid. Highly recommended.

  • The clinic was modern, the staff friendly & efficient & Albert from customer relations speaks very good English & communicated very efficiently by e-mail before we got there. Dr Emily, my main dentist, was extremely diligent & efficient. She also speaks good English. Hopefully we won't need such treatment again, but if necessary would certainly go back again. Also, I just remembered, they give you a warranty card good for five years (you'd never get that in Oz.)

  • I highly recommend this clinic. I chose to visit Serenity International as I was visiting friends in Hanoi over Christmas and knew that the price of having a dental implant done in Vietnam was far cheaper than if it was done in Australia. Prior to the surgery price was the main selling point, however, after completing the surgery I would recommend this dentist over any that I have visited here in Australia, regardless of price. 

    Dr Emily was the best dentist I have visited. She was extremely gentle and her attention to detail was exceptional. She really took the time and care to make sure that everything was done perfectly. After the anaesthetic wore off I only needed a single paracetamol to dull the rest of the pain. As my gum healed the stitches did not cause any pain at all as they were applied so carefully. The whole team were very friendly and there was no language barriers as most of the staff spoke English. Prior to my visit and since being home I have had email contact with Albert (customer service) who has been very helpful and informative the whole way. I will be returning to Hanoi later in the year and may just have to get my teeth whitened!

  • Last time I went to a dentist (back in the UK) they scaled me using what felt like a carpet cutter, and I was spitting blood for the rest of the afternoon. But NOT HERE! It was all very careful and methodical, and not at all rushed - in fact I was there for about an hour, and left with one of those grins that models run their tongues over in toothpaste ads. My teeth felt so deliciously clean and minty, I almost wanted to eat them - I had to purchase and consume a large bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos to nullify the effect.

    So yes, five stars. They have all the modern equipment, including the little tube that the nurse holds under your tongue to suck out the saliva you're furiously generating, and the Bono wrap-around shades. There's also a giant picture of an aquarium on the ceiling. Not quite as good as the Solar System I had in my dentist's as a child. But still. Can't go wrong with fish.

  • We've been in Ha Noi for 4 years and finally found a Dental Clinic that is reasonably priced and the staff speak excellent English! 

    The main reason that it has taken so long is that any Dentist that speaks English normally wants to charge you Western prices to go with it, but not at Serenity and that is a big plus in my book.

    I booked the family in for the free check-up that Serenity offers, and on a Sunday as they are open 7 days a week which is another plus for those who work Monday to Friday. 

    The check-up for all of us was extremely quick and professional and the advice given was spot on, as we basically knew what we all needed done, so that was another plus for them.

    The kids needed nothing done, the wife just a clean and I had 3 fillings and a clean. Again it was so quick and professional, from start to finish for me was about 45 minutes.

    We are making this our regular Dentist now and will be heading back every 6 months for a clean and check-up from them. 

    I would recommend Serenity to anyone out there because of their great service and the knowledge that they don't recommend work that isn't needed and don't over-charge.

  • This was easily the most pleasant experience i have had in 25 old years of visiting dentists! (and lets face it visiting the dentist is never particularly pleasent!) the office is light, modern, warm and airy, with lovely views from the surgury, the staff, from the receptionist to the hygienist to the dentist herself spoke good english and were kind and professional. I had the shock of hearing i needed four cavities filled, and they did so without offering anesthetic which made me nervous initially! However I soon understood that they didnt offer because I actually didn't need it (the drilling was only mildly uncomfortable). By far the best part of my dental experience here was the bill, it was very reasonable and i was even given a discount for Christmas. My only issue now is how I will ever find service that compares back at home in NZ. :)

  • I went to this brand new place last week and had a very good experience. I had a cleaning and a dental care with the french dentist, who's extremely gentle. She explained to me everything she was doing, and what to do to keep good teeth. She also speaks very good english.

    I totally recommend that place.

  • The staff are really friendly. The service was great. I had check-up, cleaning and polishing. The dentist was really gentle and speaks great English. She told me my teeth were quite good, and didn't try to sell me any extra services. To take my mind off the cleaning there was soft music and the whole ceiling was like tropical waters with fish and coral. All in all a very good experience.

  • Excellent service. Very happy over all. Very clean and professional. Would highly recommend it.

  • Very pleased with the results. Price quoted was charged.

  • I would highly recommend Dr. Emily and her team to anyone looking for a professional, compassionate dentist in Hanoi. I like the fact they work on weekends and it only takes 2 days to get 4 crowns fitted so I didn't have to take leave.

  • I had an appointment for my bridge here. Everything went great! Dr Emily explained everything to me before doing any work. It took only 2 appointments in 2 days to get my bridge perfectly fitted. Their staffs are really caring and gentle.

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