Reviews from our patients

  • I was quite nervous to see a dentist in Vietnam, but I chose Serenity after seeing other reviews, and it was well worth it. The team was friendly and very professional. The dentist spoke quite good English and explained everything to me fully. Further, the equipment was up-to-standard with any Western country and her methods were really thorough. I got my wisdom teeth taken out and they guided me through the whole process and kept checking up on me. I would definitely recommend Serenity for anyone looking for safe, quality dental care in Hanoi.

  • Mrs. Mears' family

    Before arriving I did a lot of research before I settled on Serenity International. I had a lots of questions for them and they answered them all and I felt comfortable with them

    Our family had lots of work done with Serenity. Some had extensive work (14 crowns), there was a tooth extraction, I had old fillings replaced with composite. And we had tooth whitening. The dentists were gentle, respectful and their dental assistants took good care of us. The crown work was excellent. It fits perfectly, matched perfectly and feels comfortable. Between us all there was a mixture of all porcelain and porcelain fused to metal. The removal of fillings was done with no injection. They were very gentle and I never felt any pain, although I did hear another client ask for the injection for his filling removal.

    The tooth whitening experience was interesting. There is a bit of pain that comes with it. You get these odd random jolts in a tooth like you've just bitten down on an electric fence. It only lasted for about 24 hours. The dentist showed me the colour my teeth could potentially go with whitening. In the end my teeth turned out better than I thought. The other person that had it done said the same thing. Every one of us is extremely happy, they went above and beyond and I would most definitely recommend the team at Serenity International.

    I did notice that the removal of the amalgam was not done with a rubber dam in your mouth. In New Zealand they take the removal of amalgam very seriously so you don't get it in your system. If you are sensitive to this then I would talk to them via email specifically about it. I am positive they would accommodate you and perhaps even make it standard practice.

    Albert is extremely helpful and Dr. Emily did the most amazing crown work. When we first arrived there was another couple there who had lots of work done the previous year and were back to finish up. They told us how happy they were with the work and how much they loved their dentist. In all I don't think it matters who you get they were all excellent dentists.

  • Anna Reynolds

    Had extensive dental work done. My teeth had been worrying me for a while. Albert from clinic arranged with me to have the X-rays emailed in advance to organise the work to fit with our holiday timeframe. Dr. Emily put crowns on teeth. My teeth are now strong, stable, no longer sensitive to hot and cold. Dr. Phuong MDS, the implantologist, in one short session, did work on my upper jaw. Very proficient. No ordeal during procedure or after. Will be back in Vietnam in a few months. Looking forward to having final work done. The team at Serenity are all kind, patient, clever people. Albert will keep in contact to check all is well.

  • Margie Sullivan

    From my first inquiry I found Albert, Dr Emily and the staff very good. Very professional and caring. My husband and I had a lot of work done in 2013 and then again we went back to Vietnam to have more work done on our teeth in 2014. I highly recommend this firm the female dentist are excellent.

  • My close friend had an implant done here few months ago and she keeps complimenting them so i decided to visit here for a checkup and clean. I've never had such a comfortable experience like that before: impressive office, friendly and helpful staffs from receptionist to dentists. There's absolutely no language barrier.

    Highly recommended.

  • What a great dental experience. Staffs are professional, friendly and they always smile. My front tooth chipped and it was crowned perfectly in the next day. The new crown looks even better than my natural tooth. I really love it. Thanks Serenity for such a great work.

  • I told myself not to trust any local clinic/hospital when i had a horrible experience at a local "reputable" clinic a year ago. A nurse dropped the handpiece while having my teeth cleaned, she just picked it up and continue using it on me. since then i stayed away from the local clinics as much as i can, even when other foreigner-owned clinic is quite expensive with my income. 

    when i looked through all the reviews, i was kinda surprise because Serenity has so many good reviews. that's why i convinced myself to try it out with a little hope of having a really good and more affordable clinic for my dental care. I was still very skeptical so I only contacted them for a checkup and clean 3 weeks ago.

    And today, I've just completed fitting six crowns (after my first checkup and cleaning appointment, i was 100% closed because of their services so i decided to replace my crowns here). I'm more than satisfied with Dr. Emily and her staffs. they're friendly, speak good english, very supportive and helpful. she's extremely meticulous. the office is clean, pricing was reasonable.

    Highly recommended

  • The team and dentists at Serenity are everything all the other 5 star reviews say. I'm a particularly difficult/ anxious patient to have and they dealt with me with such kindness, patience and clarity that it made the whole process BY FAR the most pleasant dental experience I've ever had - not just 'in Vietnam', but in the world. 

    Financials: I got a porcelain crown for $250 US, which I think is very reasonable. They went to a huge effort to colour match it near exactly and it came with a seven year warranty. Cleaning/ check-up is $15 US. 


  • Mrs. Kathy Fraser

    Having had dental work completed in March 2014 I can highly recommend the dental practice. Their quality of work is second to none and their respect and consideration to clients is to be admired. Nothing was too much trouble and we couldn't be happier with the results.

    Just beautiful people.

  • I come to know this dental clinic through introduction from a closed friend. First visit was bringing my 5 years old son to fix his decays teeth. This was my son's first visit to dentist. It was a very pleasant & comfortable experience for him. This had eased my worried. The clinic is clean, helpful & english speaking staffs, pleasant music & well equipment. Dr. Emily is a very polite & gentle doctor. It took 2 appointments to do my son's filling for 6 holes. My son was happily to do all necessary work without any struggle. Later, my son's has another toothache & Dr Emily said he had to do root canal. This time was super painful experience for all. My son has little bleeding while cleaning his tooth & he feel pain. Predictable it should take 3 times visit to complete the treatment unfortunately it took 7 times to complete it. It was due to my son fear & he refuse to open his mouth. With Dr Emily professional skill, knowledge & calm character, she had shown & given her extra ordinary service to my son. It took a long time to comfort & eased my son's fear & slowly he willingly corporate with doctor. Without doctor's patience, this will be an impossible task. I am so thankful to her & she's willingly to answer all my text while I had question & helps for my son's situation. Dr Emily also has a enthusiasm spirit to look for suitable method to treat my son's tooth. On top of all these, the clinic did not charge me any single extra costs even I willing to pay more.

  • A few weeks ago i had a tooth emergency - pure horror (it was ugly and painful) as i had never before considered finding a dentist here in Hanoi. My yearly check up/clean up was always done whenever i visited home. So suddenly i get this swollen face and excruciating pain and have no clue where to go. Thanks to The New Hanoian, i went to the Serenity - it did have the best reviews. At first i was a little skeptical but the confidence of Dr. Emily passed on to me and i quickly was diagnosed and treated for an infected under-root. The tooth was pulled out in a week - that process also surpassed my expectations (the Doctor is a very dedicate lady:) .While i was intensely examining the fish on the ceiling I didn't even feel how she pulled it out.I am considering an implant work done in Serenity when the two months have passed after this extraction (recommended by Dr. Emily) The doctors surely know what they are doing, everyone is very friendly and Albert at the reception is fantastic! Pricing is very fair. Albert also could set up a reminding service for my next check up by sms. I would definitely recommend Serenity for clean and honest work:)

  • We finally decides to give this dental clinic a shot and we are glad that we did so. The place is clean. The dentist is friendly and does a very good job. I walked out of the clinic totally happy. 

    They are also very responsive and attentive. All the emails got replied, all the questions got answered.

    Highly recommended.

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