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From a simple routine check-up, preventative oral care to complicated full mouth reconstruction with implants, Serenity has helped over 10,000 patients from all over the world: Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, United Kingdom, etc. to get the smile that they wants, to get the quality care that they deserve.

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What they say about Serenity team

This was the most pleasant experience i have had in all my life of visiting dentists!

The staff, from the receptionist to the assistant to the dentist herself, are all super friendly, speak great English and explain everything before they start.

The clinic is ultra modern, light, warm and airy, far better than anything in Denmark and the work is excellent.
Very low cost when compared to Denmark.

To take my mind off the dental work there was soft music and the whole ceiling was like tropical waters. I had two e.max bridges done and all together it only took five days!

All in all, I'd definitely recommend Serenity to anyone for a great dental care and service!

“5 star and highly recommended”

I've been to a lot of dentists in HCMC (unfortunately) - Serenity International is the best. It's a new facility with brand new equipment and a bright, friendly atmosphere. The staff have excellent English and have been extremely well trained to deal with foreigners.

I have nothing but glowing remarks for Serenity International. I went to the clinic for a root canal treatment and crowning (porcelain) - root canal took 2 days and the crown also took 2 days. I was in and out in a week (excluding weekends). Customer service was prompt, concise and clear - I never felt confused at any point during the treatment. They welcome you into the clinic cheerily and usher you to the dental work area. Dr Angie worked on both my root canal and crown - she was very upfront about the pricing and liberal about the x-rays. This proved to me that she was concerned about making sure she did a good job with my teeth, especially since I have an unusually low sinus (it's near the roots of my teeth so everything is more sensitive and in some cases more painful). We did a total of 5 x-rays and she did not charge extra for any of them. In my country, they charge for all x-rays done, so this really impressed me. She also numbed my teeth with anesthesia multiple times, and the cost for these jabs were all included in the flat fee of US $75 for work on my premolar. The crowning was also a hassle-free process. My crown was custom-fitted on Monday and ready on a Tuesday (Where I come from, it can take up to a week, so I was really, really grateful for the efficiency and the quality of the crown.) I chose the porcelain material (the most durable, US $300), and Serenity issues a 10 years warranty card on the spot for it. I felt sensitivity throughout my treatment, but I think this is normal and I was prescribed antibiotics for it. It's been almost a week since my crown was fitted and I feel that my tooth is beginning to feel more normal. I have no doubt that it was a job well-done.
// Language wise: I think some comments here highlight that the staff at Serenity can't speak fluent English. I think this is quite unfair to the staff, especially when one considers that English is not their first language. For me there were no communication issues with Ariane the main coordinator. Dr Angie was patient as well and while she is not very chatty, she listens attentively (which is very important for any patient receiving treatment in another country) and does not hesitate to clarify/ elucidate matters. As such, while they don't speak rapid English, their level of understanding is very proficient and I never found myself repeating anything I asked or said. My advice would be that as native English speakers, we should take the time to explain ourselves as clearly and in as moderate a pace as possible, considering that they have to adjust to the myriad of English accents they come across at their international clinic. All in all, I'd definitely recommend Serenity to anyone for a great dental care and service!

I had root canal therapy and a crown at the Serenity International Dental Clinic in Hanoi in October 2014. I am very pleased with my treatment. I was pleasantly surprised that the crown could be manufactured within a day. (In Australia I have waited three weeks.)
Prior to arrival I sent the Clinic an x-ray and we discussed what the treatment might involve, subject to a more accurate diagnosis when I arrived. After this initial consultation we agreed on the treatment and the price. On the first appointment the dentist did much of the work on the root canal with an anaesthetic. This took about two hours. At the next appointment, two days later, she completed the RCT without an anaesthetic. This was so she could tell whether there was any nerve left in the tooth. This meant I would get the occasional jolt of pain while she was filing out the inside of the tooth. This RCT was a long process but the dentist seemed to be very careful and thorough and I felt confident she had done a good job. Next day she fitted the crown. This seemed a good fit, much better than some others I have had elsewhere. So far, I have had no problems with the tooth and have been happy with the treatment.
The clinic appeared clean and modern. I had no concerns about hygiene. The young ladies on the front desk are very welcoming. Both speak English very well and do their best to make one feel comfortable.
The price I was quoted was very reasonable and I was charged this amount on completion. Overall, I was very happy with the treatment and I would go there again.

I was more than pleased with the results of my dental treatment and the price was the same as quoted. In the amount of time that I had I was amazed at how everything ran to plan and on time. Excellent service and treatments by the Dental Doctor and the staff were so friendly. I would definitely recommend Serenity to others.

It was a blessing to find (via the internet) Serenity Dentists! I'm thrilled with the end result, I had neglected my teeth these past few years... Naughty me ;D. The care, consideration, professionalism of all the staff was second to none. Always friendly, patient and with big smiles.. I cannot speak highly enough of the team of Doctors Emily, Angie, Lily, the assistants and the Ariane and Leo at reception for looking after me so graciously... Highly recommended.. Big thank you to the team for such personalized service ;D Xx.

Wow! Serenity International Dental Clinic is awesome! My 8 year old son broke his tooth at school, stayed in the school medical clinic crying while I came to pick him up, was worried about going to the dentist...but wow! Bao, Lien, Thuy, Thoai, Hien, -these ladies are amazing! They make us feel like we are at home with Mom -Anna (Thoai) taking care of us! No worries! No stress! And no big expense- they seem to be the most well trained and most affordable of 5 clinics I know in Danang! Terry got a new tooth (filling/crown) for $25!

I went to work at the HCM office, very professional and enthusiastic

What an amazing team and experience. My husband and I had extensive dental work done including dental implants and could not fault the service. In fact they outshone in every aspect any previous dental care we have had done in NZ and Australia.

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