Reviews from our patients

  • Sue Fury

    The care at Serenity is top class. From the minute you walk in and are greeted pleasantly and politely it feels like you are in the hands of professionals.

    I had an excellent teeth clean and 2 crowns. A lot of care was taken to make sure they fitted perfectly and I am very happy with the outcome. They feel like my old teeth only better!!

    Everything is clean and hygienic.

    I would recommend Serenity without hesitation!

  • Got 3 teeth-pulled 2 weeks ago, and the experience was amazing!!! The clinic itself is really clean and the atmosphere is great, too. 

    Everyone in the clinic is really friendly, helpful and speaks good English. My blood had been taken to verify a day before the extraction to make sure whether I've got any problems with my health or not before operating the oral surgery. 

    The extraction went so well, and it wasn't as painful as expected. The dentists pulled 3 of my teeth out in just 30 minutes. They also asked to make sure whether you're okay during the process. 

    After the extraction, they gave me 2 small packs of ice to reduce the swelling. They also gave me prescription and DO and DONTS after the extraction. 

    Look forward to checking up my teeth at this clinin again soon!

  • ‎Helen Foster-Gibson‎

    I'm one very happy and very grateful women after meeting the dentists and staff of this wonderful and caring team at serenity in Ho Chi Minh City.

    They have given me my "Happy Smile", back after many years of hating my old and very and well worn teeth.

    Wonderful and extremely caring dentists and staff. I highly recommend you go to Vietnam to get your confident smile back.

  • I made an appointment for a check up, followed by having some cavities removed and Dr. Adrian Baral did a fantastic job! 

    He was very professional and made the appointment comfortable and seamless. 

    I usually dread going to the dentist, but with such kind and professional staff I will definitely be booking future appointments with zero hesitations.

  • Hiroaki Mizuno

    Không, chẳng đau xíu nào hết, anh vui quá. 

    Cảm ơn bác sĩ, cảm ơn em đã giúp anh có được nụ cười tự tin. Anh đã giới thiệu Nha khoa bên em với tất cả khách hàng của anh

  • Mariella brunton

    As soon as I walked into the door, they welcomed me, I felt safe and comfortable being here.  I was totally overwhelmed by the whole experience. It was actually actually a pleasure coming to the dentist. 

    I felt actually quite emotional because I have got my beautiful smile back. I am really thankful.

    That was an amazing experience and I highly recommended it.

  • Une équipe géniale organisée autour de la professionnelle Hồ Viết Thuỳ Dương, qui parle très bien français. 

    Le cabinet comme le service sont impeccables, et les compétences en dentisterie des médecins indéniables.

  • Very clean and professional. 

    Service level equivalent to France.

  • Very good services, clean equipment and dentists are very nice. 

    Great for reasonable price!

  • Clean and modern place.

    Good service, friendly and attentive staff.

    Affordable price for a basic cleaning.

    Will come back when necessary.

  • It was so cheap and very first world.

    had all American dental regulations.

  • A wonderful dental Clinic!

  • My wife & I both had dental work carried out at Serenity. 

    My wife had 3 crowns and several fillings. We were impressed with the Clinic, it's cleanliness and nice modern equipment, but equally importantly the professionalism of Daisy our dentist, her nursing assistants and staff at reception, especially Sally who responded quickly to all our queries before travelling from Australia. 

    We couldn't recommend the Clinic highly enough and will definitely return next time we need major dental procedures.


    Have been to their Da Nang clinic twice now. I cannot be any happier to have found them! Definitely hands down the best clinic in Da Nang. 

    The clinic is clean and well-equipped with many high tech equipments. Teeth cleaning was absolutely painless, they even show you a before and after picture of your teeth via pictures taken by a small mouth camera! I have had 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out and it was as painless as it could possibly be and all 4 are recovering just fine. Dr. Daisy and her team are just absolutely fantastic! Better than all of the dentists I have ever been to this life time. Very professional service, everyone spoke really good english. Sally from front desk was extremely helpful, promptly replying to all of my questions via email. You know they care when they text/call you the very next day to check up on you. Thank you Serenity Da Nang!

  • Vợ chồng mình vốn là người khó tính, nên phải tham khảo thông tin trên mạng và cả các bạn bè khá lâu mới chọn ở đây. Giá dịch vụ tại Serenity so với mặt bằng các phòng khám khác cao hơn nhưng mình thấy hoàn toàn xứng đáng. Phòng khám không quá rộng nhưng sạch sẽ, hiện đại, ấm cúng. 

    Các phòng đều có view nhìn ra ngoài, nhạc không lời, tạo cảm giác rất dễ chịu. Bác sĩ James và trợ lý ân cần và chu đáo trong việc tư vấn, đặt lịch hẹn và làm răng cho mình. Mình không thích đi nha sĩ lắm :)), hơi lười và sợ, nhưng giờ thì mình yên tâm để tuần sau và tuần sau nữa đến xử lý nốt mấy cái răng khôn của mình rồi. :D

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