Serenity International recognizes that over 10,000 patients from oversea chose us last year because we provide premium quality dental care at affordable prices.

We do not provide the cheapest dental works in Vietnam as premium dental works cannot be offered at cheap price.

However, compared to the prices of dentists in US, UK, Australia and New Zealand you can expect to save up to 70% of the cost of dental treatments while getting the same level of quality. All products, materials and equipment that Serenity International utilities is manufactured in the US, Japan or Europe. All of them are FDA and CE safety regulation compliant.


(All prices below are given in US Dollars)

Examination / Consultation / DiagnosisPrice (USD)# of Visits
Examination and consultation101
Periapical X-ray01
Bitewing X-ray01
Panoramic X-ray151
Cephalometric X-ray151
ConeBeam CT X-ray (1 jaw)301
ConeBeam CT X-ray (2 jaw)401
Blood test (before surgical procedure such as extraction, implant placement)15 - 251

Gum DiseasePrice (USD)# of Visits
Cleaning and polishing (Mild calculus)151
Cleaning and polishing (Moderate calculus)202
Cleaning and polishing (Heavy calculus)252
Teeth cleaning and polishing under local anesthetics1001
Periodontal pocket treatment (non-surgical)103
Gum contouring surgery1002
Gum grafting100 - 3002

Pediatric DentistryPrice (USD)# of Visits
Cleaning (children)101
Polishing (children)51
Fluoride application251
GIC filling151
Root canal treatment (deciduous tooth)503
Intracanal medicaments5
Extraction (deciduous tooth)101
Stainles steel crown403

Filling / Direct RestorationPrice (USD)# of Visits
Composite filling (minimal)15 - 201
Composite filling (moderate)20 - 301
Composite filling (enlarged)25 - 401
Composite filling (extensive)30 - 501
Cosmetic Composite resin restoration401
Replace filling (minimal)30 - 351
Replace filling (moderate)35 - 451
Replace filling (enlarged)40 - 601
Replace filling (extensive)45 - 701
Tooth gap filling401
Composite veneer1002
Dental dam301
Temporary filling (GIC/Fuji)15 - 301

Root Canal TreatmentPrice (USD)# of Visits
Root canal treatment (anterior)1001 - 2
Root canal treatment (premolar)1502 - 3
Root canal treatment (molar)2003 -4
Root canal re-treatment (anterior)1502 - 3
Root canal re-treatment (premolar)2003 - 4
Root canal re-treatment (molar)2504 - 5
Root canal treatment through crown (anterior)2002 - 3
Root canal treatment through crown (premolar)2503 - 4
Root canal treatment through crown (molar)3004 - 5
Root canal re-treatment through crown(anterior)2502 - 3
Root canal re-treatment through crown(premolar)3003 - 4
Root canal re-treatment through crown(molar)3504 - 5
Direct pulp capping101

Extraction / Oral SurgeryPrice (USD)# of Visits
Permanent tooth extraction50 - 1001
Wisdom tooth extraction (upper jaw)75 - 1002
Wisdom tooth extraction (lower jaw)100 - 1252
Surgical tooth extraction125 - 1752
Tooth extraction with bone grafting400 - 6002
Crown lengthening surgery100 - 2002
Gum contouring surgery100 - 2002
Gum grafting100 - 3002
Connective tissue grafting100 - 3002

Whitening / BleachingPrice (USD)# of Visits
At-home whitening kit (Zoom)1002
In-office laser whitening with Zoom 22202
Whitening Combination Package2732
Internal bleaching1002

Denture / Removable ProsthesisPrice (USD)# of Visits
CrCo denture frame1003 - 4
Complete biosoft denture7003 - 5
Acrylic false teeth25

Crown / Bridge / Fixed ProsthesisPrice (USD)# of Visits
Crown removal151
Temporary crown (PMMA)202
Re-cement crown251
Composite inlay1002
All-porcelain inlay (Emax CAD)2001
Composite onlay1001
All-porcelain onlay (Emax CAD)2502
All-porcelain overlay (Emax CAD)3002
Porcleain fused to CrCo crown2003 - 4
Porcleain fused to titanium crown (CAD/CAM)3503 - 4
Zirconia crown (CAD/CAM)3003 - 4
Emax CAD crown (CAD/CAM)3503 - 4
All-porcelain crown Emax CAD (CAD/CAM)4001
All-porcelain crown Emax CAD Premium (CAD/CAM)4502
Porcelain veneer (IPS Emax)3504
Porcelain veneer (Emax CAD)4002
Lumineer (IPS Emax)4004
Porcelain veneer Premium (Emax CAD)4502
Smile Design (1 arch)4552
Wax-up (1 arch)1002
Mock-up (1 arch)1002
Pre-fabricated post and core buildup (fiber post)1011
Cast post and core (fiber post)1202
Anti-grinding mouth guard (Soft)502
Anti-grinding mouth guard (Hard acrylic)1502
Dental pin placement251

Fixed Prosthesis on ImplantPrice (USD)# of Visits
Surgical placement of the helaing cap (Nobel BioCare - Implant was NOT placed at our clinic)1001
Customized titanium abutment (Implant was placed at our clinic)1502
Zirconia customized abutment (Implant was placed at our clinic)2002
Customized titanium abutment (Implant was NOT placed at our clinic)3002
Customized zirconia abutment (Implant was NOT placed at our clinic)3502
Porcelain fused to titanium crown on implant (CAD/CAM)3003
Zirconia crown on implant (Emax CAD/CAM)4503
Ivobase acrylic bridge4
All on 4 porcleain bridge2,0005
All on 4 Plus porcleain bridge2,5005
All on 6 porcleain bridge3,0005
All on 8 porcleain bridge4,0005

Dental implantPrice (USD)# of Visits
Nobel Biocare/SGS Switzerland dental implant1,5003
Bone grafting200 - 8001
Guided bone regeneration membrane200 - 4001
Sinus augmentation (Closed)300 - 5002
Sinus augmentation (Open)600 - 8002
All on 4 (Nobel Biocare/SGS Switzerland dental implant)10,0005
All on 4 Plus (Nobel Biocare/SGS Switzerland dental implant)13,0005
All on 6 (Nobel Biocare/SGS Switzerland dental implant)10,0005
All on 8 (Nobel Biocare/SGS Switzerland dental implant)13,0005


ItemUnitPrice (USD)
Return tickets from the Australia to Vietnam (one stop)ticket$800 - $1,000++
Return tickets from the UK to Vietnam (one stop)ticket$900 - $1,000++
Return tickets from the US to Vietnam (one stop)ticket$1,200++
Return tickets from New Zealand to Vietnam (one stop)ticket$900 - $1,200++
1-month single entry visa to Vietnampax$25++
Decent 3-star hotel (breakfast included)night$25 - $55++
Decent 4-star hotel (breakfast included)night$60 - $150++
Luxurious 5-star hotel (breakfast included)night$110 - $1,000++
Typical meal in a decent restaurantmeal$10++