Reviews from our patients

  • This is a beautiful facility and the staff is great! I felt comfortable knowing that they spoke English since I don't know how to speak Vietnamese. I highly recommend Serenity International Dental Clinic for your dental needs.

  • Very welcoming and professional service. Staff have a great command of the English language. I received a professional clean and it was the most thorough that I have had to date.

  • This clinic and all the staff are superb. I've been to several local and expensive international clinics in Saigon. None of them can hold a candle to the diagnosis and treatment that Serenity offer. 

    I now have a complete set of upper & lower, fully functioning & bite corrected porcelain crowns. All carried out in a spotless clinic. Their expertise is superb.

  • Jerry Bancroft

    A brand new dental clinic with all the best equipment. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. They work really hard to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed during whatever procedure they are performing. They even have slippers for us foreigners with big feet.

  • The whole experience was incredible from start to finish. Well looked after, very professional staff, clean and sterile and they did an amazing job with my teeth and my husbands. Unbelievably cheap and so reasonable for the service- I will not get dental work done anywhere else!

  • Brendan Snrub

    I've been to a lot of dentists in HCMC (unfortunately) - Serenity is the best. It's a new facility with brand new equipment and a bright, friendly atmosphere, the staff have excellent English and have been extremely well trained to deal with foreigners, which is not something you see every day.

    Furthermore the dentist himself also had excellent English and was more than happy to explain and give advice about the treatment I received. This is obviously really important, and again Serenity are the best that I've encountered. 

    Go there, you won't be disappointed.

  • Christian Nikolassen

    This was the most pleasant experience i have had in all my life of visiting dentists!

    The staff, from the receptionist to the assistant to the dentist herself, are all super friendly, speak great English and explain everything before they start.

    The clinic is ultra modern, light, warm and airy, far better than anything in Denmark and the work is excellent.

    Very low cost when compared to Denmark.

    To take my mind off the dental work there was soft music and the whole ceiling was like tropical waters.

    I had two e.max bridges done and all together it only took five days!

    All in all, I'd definitely recommend Serenity to anyone for a great dental care and service!

    “5 star and highly recommended”

  • I writing this review 11 months after I had my visit with Serenity International Dental Clinic ("SIDC"). There is a saying that time tests everything. So far I am extremely happy with the result.

    I have always had bad teeth, mostly due the effects of an antibiotic widely used in Vietnam when I lived there as a child until the age of 7. (My teeth lacks natural enamel. I have gone to at least over 20 dentists in my life in the USA so far. I have tried bleaching and whitening many times to no avail. My original plan was to get porcelain veneers, but they would be too thin and discoloration would still be visible, so I opted for porcelain crowns. 

    Why did I go to see Dentist Emily? 

    It would have costs me roughly USD $25,000 to get 16 Emax crowns in the San Francisco Bay Area. It costed me a fraction of that at Serenity International Dental Clinic. I came all the way from San Francisco, California, USA to have 16 teeth crowned with Emax porcelain crowns. 

    As a lawyer, I did my due diligence on Dentist Emily and SIDC before ever booking my flight to Hanoi, Vietnam to see her. My two main concerns were hygiene (don't want to catch either Hep C or any other bugs) and the dentist's skill and experience. Both concerns were partially resolved early on. I exchanged emails with Emily and her staff. Her receptionist in particular, Leo Nguyen, was very responsive and informative. All communications were in English. 

    My concerns were fully alleviated when I visited Dentist Emily at SIDC in Hanoi. We talked and I asked her about her equipments and tools. SIDC's operating equipments (the chairs) are made in Japan and were less than 2 years old. Her drilling tools and bits were made in the US and Germany. The equipment are sanitized and the tools are autoclaved. I was very impressed. Dentist Emily was experienced in what I wanted to do. 

    The whole process took about 2 weeks with a followup (I was traveling in the Quang Binh) about 3 weeks later before I left for the US. Here I am a almost a year later, and the 16 Emax crowns are still perfect! The girl in the photos might be gone, but the 16 Emax crowns are still here and in perfect condition. I am actually going back after TET 2016 with my parents for Dentist Emily to do some work on them. 

    Yes, I am referring my Mom and Dad to Dentist Emily at SIDC.

    Five Star being HIGHEST. 

    Cleanliness and Hygiene: FIVE stars. 

    Skill and Experience: FIVE stars. 

    Equipment and Tools: FIVE stars. 

    People Skill: FIVE stars. 

    Pricing: FIVE stars. Speed: FIVE stars. 

    Staffing: FIVE stars. 

    Parking: FIVE stars if you ride motorcycle or taxi. TWO stars if you drive your own car there. 

    Go see Dentist Emily at Serenity International Dental Clinic in Hanoi. 

    After my initial in-person inquiry with Dentist Emily, I actually visited several dentists in Hanoi to check out the competition. These other dentists offered to do the same work for HALF the price - after visiting these other places, talking to these dentists, and seeing them at work - I respectfully declined. These places were recommended to me by my local Vietnamese relatives. My point is that local knowledge is not very helpful for dental care. 

    Dentist Emily at SIDC will take good care of you. Go see her.

  • Excellent service and quality of care. Exceptionally friendly and very clean.

  • Professional, excellent service from the entire team. 


    Also very accommodating which was important to us as we had limited time in Hanoi. Results were superb - Crowns and deep cleaning and the professional advice was also appreciated. We hope to return next year for further treatment.

  • My root canal went very well considering it was a root canal. Dr. Phuong was very competent and thorough. The supporting staff is very helpful. I will go back for more work.

  • Norris Grant

    I wasn't sure of what I could get done in the short time I was in Hanoi (1 week). After speaking with Emily and the team I quickly learnt that I could get a good deal of treatment done. 

    First off Scale and Polish, Secondly Root canal work, Crowns on all my front 6 teeth. and finally whitening. I didn't end up going through with the whitening. My choice. It has been the best thing I have done in a long time.
    Not only do I now have a fantastic smile but it has given the added benefit of me quitting smoking so I don't lose the new look I have. 

    As for value for money THE best value ANY where. Emily and her team of experts are undoubtedly the very best in what they do.

    It all started when I sent an email to Leo asking the normal type questions like how much, how long, what can you do, etc.  After a very short time I was satisfied this clinic could cater for all my dental needs but also assisted in getting the best Hotel, I believe in the Old Quarter Hanoi. From the minute I stepped into the Clinic and met Leo with warmth and support, through to being told every step of the way what the treatment to be done was, cost and time to take. 

    I am extremely nervous going to dentists but Emily ensured I felt NO pain whatsoever throughout any of the procedures and in fact calmed me with her quiet humming of the music whilst she went about her business.

    If you are thinking of ANY dental treatment don't go looking elsewhere, stick with Serenity International Dental Clinic Hanoi, you will not be disappointed.

  • Jay Carter

    Best dental practice I've ever been to, including the UK! 

    The female dental surgeon is uber cool and so amazing, thoughtful, considerate and professional at her job. Just close your eyes, listen to the soft music and relax!

  • Eveline & Maurice Sandstrom

    My husband had porcelain crowns, bridges, root canal therapy and extractions while I had a new partial denture. We are very happy with the job, the service and the price. We have no hesitation in recommending Serenity Dental Clinic to anyone.

    Before I found Serenity I tried to contact a few dental clinics in Saigon but got no response so I tried Serenity. It was wonderful, Albert contacted me immediately and asked what kind of treatments my husband and I were looking for, so he could give us the price list. Albert was very accommodating in scheduling our appointments. One afternoon my husband was in the chair from 2 pm to nearly 8 pm! as they want to finish his procedure before we're going to Catba island the next day. I can't imagine any dentist in Australia want to do the overtime like Dr Emily and her staff did!

    The clinic was spotless, modern with professional staff.

  • Diann Riley

    I can't say enough about the amazing staff at Serenity International Dental Clinic and the quality of the work I received was first class.

    From the minute my sisters and I arrived at Serenity Dental we were treated like royalty! I had been in touch with Albert for a while prior to choosing Serenity as our dentist in Hanoi, we were very impressed with the cleanliness and efficiency of how this clinic is run. My sister is a long time dental nurse and she couldn't fault any of the clinic or the work. I had extensive work done, 19 crowns, root canal, fillings and a partial plate with 4 teeth on. My sisters also had quite a bit of work done so we spent a lot of time at the dentist!! I recommend any one to use Serenity the price is amazing compared to Australia, you feel part of the family while you are going through what is usually a traumatic experience for most, I felt NO pain at all during my treatment.

    I now have an amazing smile and feel proud to use it. Thank you so much to Albert for being so amazing and kind and to Emily (my dentist) for her gentleness, and to Leo for her beautiful warm smile everyday at the front desk.

    I hope to return with my husband so he too can get a beautiful smile. Thanks again guys Kind Regards Diann Gold Coast Australia.

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