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New Year Holiday 2019 Closure Annoucement

New Year New Year’s Eve 2019 Celebration Happy Year We will close for New Year from Sunday, December 30th and reopen at 8.30 AM on Wednesday, January 2nd 2019. For emergency assistance, please call/Whatsapp: +84 989 067 888. We thank you for all your support during the year of 2018 and wish you and your loved ones a […]

Medical Emergencies In Vietnam

MEDICAL EMERGENCIES IN VIETNAM Hanoi In the event of a medical emergency, you can contact the following: L’Hôpital Francais de Hanoi No. 1 Phuong Mai Street, Dong Da District, Ha Noi. Tel.: 84-4-35771100/ Fax: 84-4-35764443 Emergency call: 84-4-35741111 (24 hours 7 days) Da Nang Family Medical Practice – Da Nang 96-98 Nguyen Van Linh, Nam […]

When should you get dental treatment done in Vietnam?

Dental tourism is not something new. Hundreds of thousands patients from the United States, Britain, Australia and New Zealand are traveling overseas for dental treatments. Most people seeking out dental clinics abroad are doing so because the modern facilities and highly-trained dentists who are delivering their care are doing so at prices much more affordable […]

Cost of Porcelain Veneer In Vietnam

Veneers are considered desirable when a tooth’s surface is damaged or the dentine (surface below enamel) is a shade other than white making it impossible to achieve a white smile. Veneers are either composed of composite or porcelain. The cost of veneers will vary depending on the difficulty of your individual case, the amount of veneers […]

Dental works in Vietnam from A – Z

Vietnam is rising as an attractive dental tourism in South East Asia due to its surprisingly low cost and amazing tourism experience. This articles will summarize all you need to know to plan for a comfortable dental trip to Vietnam.Vietnam War was already over in 1975 (yes, 40 years ago) and it is now one […]

TOP 5 Tips To Find The Best Dentist In Vietnam

Are you looking for the best dentist in Vietnam? Many American or Australian get good and affordable dental work when they go to Vietnam. However, some receive average or substandard quality. Just like anywhere you go, whether it’s the US, Australia or Vietnam, you can find good dentists and bad dentists. If you want your […]

Vietnam: A rising star in global dental tourism map

When it comes to health and hygiene, our teeth and gums are perhaps the most overlooked areas of the body. What we don’t realize is how dental health is linked to our overall well-being. Dental health, of course, not only includes maintaining proper oral hygiene, but also making trips to the dentist. The latter can […]

Platinum Certificate for Excellent Dental Services

PLATINUM CERTIFICATE FOR EXCELLENT DENTAL SERVICES We are delighted to inform that Serenity International Dental Clinic in Vietnam is the 1st in over 140 dental clinics in Hanoi and over 800 clinics in Vietnam to receive a prestigious “Platinum Certificate” for our excellent dental services. Serenity is now ranked at the best dental clinic in Hanoi, […]